About Arielle

    From my earliest memories I’ve loved the pictures in books – drawings of characters in fairy tales, etchings of scenes in classic novels. These romantic images continue to inspire me as I travel the world telling true-life love stories through photographs. My style has been described as romantic, artistic, luminous, passionate, joyful, emotional, warm, and intimate.

     I am a fine art wedding photographer.  I adore the way that analogue film captures light and I shoot both film and digital because I believe that each has a unique and beautiful way of documenting a wedding day. When I see the potential for a stunning moment, I will give direction. Otherwise I want to be soft and unobtrusive so that you can enjoy your day. I believe that your wedding day is about you celebrating your love for each other.  My luminous style comes from an obsession with light.  This pairs perfectly with outdoor celebrations and naturally lit surroundings.

     In addition to being a photographer, I am a former professional opera singer, an adoring wife to my literature professor husband, a doting mama to our baby son, and a lover of Victorian novels.  I love writing letters by hand because it makes me feel like a character in Jane Austen.  I think that the occasional meal made up entirely of chocolate chip cookie dough is perfectly acceptable, and I am a connoisseur of coffee ice cream.   While I’m thrilled every time my work is featured on a blog or in print, nothing is sweeter than hearing how much my clients love their images.  I feel deeply honored every time I pick up my camera and enter the world of a wedding.

    I’m currently based in Boston but I love to travel and have an up-t0-date passport.

     My work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes, The Wedding Chicks, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Brides, Rêverie Magazine, The Knot, Style Unveiled, Merci New York, Brooklyn Bride, Lemonade & Lenses, Landlocked Bride, Fabulously Wed, GayWeddings.com, Destination Brides, Good Housekeeping, and The New York Times to name a few…NewComposite3

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A few of my favorite things, and the stories behind them…


Anna Karenina

I know I’m reading the work of a great writer when I find myself thinking the following:

“I have had this very thought a hundred times in my life but was never able to put it into words until I read them here on this page.”  Reading Anna Karenina I had that thought countless times.  Not only do I love Tolstoy’s famous(ly long) novel for the incredible psychological insights into his characters, but the first time I ever met my husband we discussed this book so it will always hold a particularly special place in my heart.


Profiteroles.  With coffee ice cream, of course!

I first had Profiteroles in my college years while studying abroad in Paris.  They are awesome.  If you ever see these gorgeous choux pastry creations on a menu you should order them.  There’s a restaurant in my native state of Michigan called The Common Grill where they make them with the most gorgeous coffee ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce….  Parfait!


Anthropologie, Madewell, or Target.

Basically, most of the things I own come from one of these fine establishments.  I can easily spend an hour wandering through each of them.


Amélie or Pride and Prejudice (And yes, I’m not ashamed to say that I mean the new one with Keira Knightley.)  I would basically like to live inside these movies.  Or at least have their respective set designers come and decorate my home.


Downton Abbey!  I’m obsessed with the adventures of those Crowley’s, their Jaunty staff …  and with their lighting designers.  I could write poetry to the lighting in that show.


Reading or Cooking.  Though now that I am a mama I have much less time for both!


Jazz singer Lizz Wright is my favorite recording artist in the world.  I have had the opportunity to see her live 2x and the second time I totally cried.  Like  12-year-old-girl- seeing-Bieber-cried.  I went to see her performance with two of my dearest friends and we sat in the first row.  I could have reached out and touched her (I didn’t, though, just in case you were feeling anxious…)  I just felt so moved by her beautiful, soulful voice and presence that I found myself tearing up.  On the one hand I was of embarrassed to be blubbering like a tweenybopper but at the same time I felt awestruck by the reminder that music can have such a deep effect on us.


My favorite place in the world is the Leelanau peninsula of Michigan in August.  It’s where I spent every Summer as a kid.  It’s where/when I got married.  To me, Leelanau = family, friends, love,.. good times all around.  That gorgeous azure shore of Lake Michigan in late Summer is more beautiful than any sea in the world.


This one is a tie:

My husband, Yuri

                    Photo of us laughing from our wedding, by Melisa McKolay.  How could I resist those dimples!?

and our son, Rafi.