Emily and I went to undergrad together.  We knew each other socially but never really had a chance to connect during our time at school.  After graduation we both moved to NYC to find our fortunes.  When I left singing and started doing photography Emily was an early champion of my work.  She was awesome-so supportive and complimentary.  We even did a shoot together back then when I was just starting out.  At the time, she was a student soprano at one of the most prestigious opera programs in the city and I was a plucky upstart photographer with a cursory knowledge photography.  Now, years later, she is a successful young professional singing leads in operas and recitals all over the country (and world!  She was just singing in China!) and I’m happy to say I know considerably more about photography than I did during our first shoot (though there is always a universe of knowledge to learn, crumbs of which I try to consume on a daily basis!) Emily is an unbelievably talented singer and interpreter.  And over the years she has become a real friend-I was so excited when she got in touch about doing a new, updated photoshoot down in her hometown of Louisville, KY.


I went down a few weeks ago and I just loved Louisville.  Even though it was bitterly cold on the day of our shoot it still felt warmer than OH and NY had at the time 

We travelled to a few different destinations in town and got countless wonderful images.  This girl is SO easy to photograph.  Seriously.  And her wardrobe?  It’s the stuff dreams are made of.  I want her to be my personal stylist for 2011.


Here are a few of my favorites from our day of dress-up and photography fun 


We started out on your basic diva headshot:



Emily is SO comfortable in front of the camera.  Effortless.



This is our Vogue-inspired/Peter Grimes opera-inspired shot.




I don’t usually like headshots in strapless gowns-if they’re cropped too tight (the shot, not the dress) the client can look naked.  By stepping back a bit and recomposing the shot into more of a torso than a head-alone shot, the strapless dress looks classy, not lewd.  Win-win!


This works especially well if your client has GORGEOUS collarbones like Emily:



Then we moved on to a different location for some website/promo shots.  It had a solarium.  A SOLARIUM!  I think all diva-shoots need a solarium, don’t you?



I love the fuzziness of this next one-I find it to be so ethereal…



Are you KIDDING ME with this, Emily!?  SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS!!!



After the solarium we took a brief walk outside and took advantage of that gorgeous Winter light:



I couldn’t resist taking a shot of Em’s ADORABLE baby puppy, Charlie.  He’s a poodle.  I think he has a future in pictures, don’t you?