Every once in a while I hear a love story that is so deeply moving I am brought to tears.  These are the stories that are better than fiction.  They prove that vows can begin even before they are uttered in an official ceremony.  That true vows of love and honor begin as seeds in the heart whose roots grow deep into the most secret places of the self sometimes before we are even aware of their presence.


Adrienne and Oliver have one of those stories.  You can see it in the way they look at each other.


I had so much fun on this shoot.  It was BRUTALLY cold, but the winter afternoon light was beautiful and cast a romantic glow around this already glowing couple.


Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot where almost all of the shots were favorites-it was so hard to limit myself for this blog post!


First of all, how GORGEOUS are these two?  They are like movie stars!



Every time I see this shot and remember how Adrienne closed her eyes whenever Oliver embraced her my heart melts again:



I love how Oliver smiles like he’s got this secret that he’s the luckiest guy in the world and then seeing Adrienne’s ear-to-ear smile I see that he is



The light was soooo dreamy!



These two love to laugh:



You can really see the love in her eyes when Adrienne looks at Oliver:



So cute!!!



Oliver, smoulder much!?



One of my secret favorite streets in NYC that somehow transforms lower Manhattan into Paris for a block or two:




Dear Adrienne & Oliver, I am so glad that you shared your love story with me and so honored to have had the opportunity to capture a few moments of it through my lens!  I wish you many lifetimes of health, happiness, and joy in your marriage!