Though they are so gorgeous they look like the models in those photos that come with the frames, Kristin and Scott are actually a real life couple.  And not only that, they are two of the most loving, fun, caring, wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to know.


Kristin, a phenomenal actress, and Scott, an awesome web designer, met in college at The University of Michigan.  Though they started out as friends, a group trip down to Mexico changed everything.  In Kristin’s own words:


“After the first night down there, we were inseparable, though we never would have admitted it.  We casually found each other during each meal, each poolside soak in the sun, and every night on the dance floor.  I would pretend to not seek him out and like a magnet, always end up by his side.  One of my favorite afternoons, we sat in the sand, side by side, watching the waves break, talking.  I think it was that night I fell for him completely.  I loved that we had totally different upbringings–different political backgrounds and religious beliefs.  He wasn’t just like me.  I think we fascinated each other.”


(After the return to school) “I wasn’t sure if I was going to date Scott or not. I had no clue if he even felt the same way about me, but I had never felt that way before and I would be so foolish to ignore it.  I just knew this was something totally different.  I left his house, called Scott crying on my walk home, and Scott and I have been together ever since…almost 6 years later.


It is amazing how you just know.  You really do.  Your body syncs with your mind that syncs with your soul and you just know.  I can’t wait to marry that boy in September.”


I couldn’t have put it better myself, Kristin.  You just know.  You really do 


Scott proposed to Kristin in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center:



We shot during fashion week and they radiated so much love and beauty that other fashion photographers and bloggers tried to get in on the photography action:



A guerilla-style tickle attack:



Oh, how I love a good pair of red heels!



This ring-bling is STUNNING!



So much JOY with these two!



I love this shot.  I was literally LYING DOWN on Amsterdam Avenue to get it.  Good thing they BROUGHT IT because I only had a few seconds before I would be run over by a bus!



Even crossing the street they are loving and fun!



A quiet moment on a peaceful bridge.  You can really feel the love and passion in their eyes:



Did I mention that it was 40 degrees and Kristin was in a mini-cocktail dress?  She was such a good sport-and Scott was so attentive to her.  Here he’s warming her hands



After the park we tried to get a cab up to our next destination.  It was futile.  But we did get a cute iconic New York cab shot.  PS-I love that Scott is carrying all the bags here



Café Lalo, the gorgeous, Viennese-style cafe on the Upper West Side, is a frequent haunt for Kristin and Scott.  It was also a perfect place for a champagne toast and a few photographs



I love a romantic food fight-it’s good practice for the wedding cake!



Oh Kristin and Scott, I am so thrilled for you two!  Thank you for inviting me to document this beautiful time in your life!