It started off all business.  Alex (an opera manager) would accompany Joélle (an opera singer) on a few auditions.  It was in their job descriptions.  They both agree that those first few encounters were pretty quiet-they were both respectful, professional and reserved.  But then there was this moment; after one of Joélle’s auditions she hugged Alex goodbye.  It wasn’t just a normal, friendly hug. This hug felt different-meaningful, somehow.  But then life continued.  They exchanged a few humorous emails (Joélle is constantly on the road, singing,) but they both told themselves it was just a friendship blossoming…right?


Alex went to see Joélle perform at the prestigious Glimmerglass Opera.  They were forced to spend quite a bit of time together over those few days in Upstate New York and over the course of those days they both realized that there was something really special about the other.  After the trip they communicated almost exclusively by Blackberry.  They should really be part of a Blackberry ad-their relationship began over blackberry messenger (they still have all of those early messages saved!  How sweet is that!?)  That Autumn they realized they couldn’t live without each other and have been inseparable ever since.  In fact, even before they were engaged they both wore claddagh rings in each other’s honor…  Sometimes in life you just KNOW.


I am so thrilled to share these photos with you, internet, from our shoot in New York City’s Fort Tryon Park.  It was a particularly misty April day (it kept threatening to rain but didn’t-providing us with the most beautiful clouds!)  I just adore these two-they had me cracking up from the first frame to the last.  Seriously, I was laughing so much sometimes I could barely hold the camera steady!


How much do we love Joélle’s shoes?  A little birdie told me they *may* make it into the wedding ceremony…



I think these next two shots really show how much fun and laughter bring to everything they do:



See what I mean about beautiful, misty clouds?  They are like the perfect filter and frame for a romantic walk:



This was part of an attempt to be serious…



…that didn’t quite work out:



I don’t remember exactly what Alex did right before this shot but all three of us were dying with laughter, as you can see:



I love how tender they are with each other here:



I love photographing Joélle-she’s so beautiful, so effortless in front of the camera.  She just looks right through the lens…



I am obsessed with her shoes in this shot!



I think there may have been some tickling occuring here:



The cloud-cover made for an especially beautiful quality of light-I love this next series:



See what I mean?  Effortless…



Alex is showing off his own “blue steel” look here…  I love how he looks like the luckiest guy in the world!!  (btw-he is.)



We were obsessed with these flowering trees.   I think they add so much softness and mystery to these next few, romantic shots:



I love the way Joélle is looking at Alex in the shot on the right-like she knows she’s the luckiest woman in the world (btw-she is!)



Did I mention these two crack each other (and me) up!?



They love a good gin & tonic…or 2…



And of course I had to give a shout out to the Blackberry for its assistance in their courtship:



Oh, Alex & Joélle!  I am so thrilled for you two as you enter this next stage of your lives together!  Thank you again for allowing me to be the one to document your love!