Neil and Christina are both opera singers.


Opera singers who had thought they were just going to yet another routine Summer opera festival gig.  If you had asked either of them before the season started if they believed in love at first sight they both would have answered with a resounding “no.”


But then they saw each other.


From that first glance at Opera New Jersey their lives would never be the same.  For now they not only believed in love at first sight but they knew that they had found it in each other.


I am honored to present you, internet, with the engagement photos of two of the kindest, warmest, funniest, most beautiful people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  From the first frame to the last I felt like I was just spending the day with friends.  Christina & Neil have such a deep, resounding love for one another that it puts one at ease immediately.  You feel completely at ease with them because they are so at ease with each other.  IDEAL for photography 


We met on a dreamily hazy Spring day at New York City’s Lincoln Center (home to the Metropolitan Opera, among others,) where we took a few shots around the fountain and even snuck into the famed opera house itself for a few stealth shots (sssshhh!!!  Don’t tell!)  Then we made our way over the some of their favorite parts of Central Park where the hazy Spring light made for watercolor-like images-I luuuuurve them!



Can we talk for a sec about the bling!?  I have never seen anything like this ring before and I am now utterly obsessed.  AWESOME job neil, seriously!



Secret Met shots (don’t tell!)



Neil, you are killing me with those dimples…



Also a dancer, Christina has some gorgeous gams!



We literally stopped traffic with this one:






And yes, they really, REALLY know how to bring on the smolder!



Once in the park, I just followed them around as the love-fest continued.  My job is so lovely!



I think this next series is my favorite-the haziness of the light was just perfect for the romantic mood…



Watercolors, right?



There’s something almost sacred about this one to me:



Neil and Christina, I had the most wonderful, fantastical, watercolor-y time with you two!   Thank you for letting me chase you with cameras and bask in the warmth of your love!  I wish you the purest joy as you enter this next stage of your lives together!!!