I realize it’s been ages since I did a proper headshot post.  I think Wedding season has overtaken my mind a bit (or at least that’s what my browser history tells me-how many wedding blogs can one girl read in a day?  Many.  This girl can read many, many wedding blogs.)

As an antidote to all of that ‘something blue,’ I am happy to share with you a recent headshot shoot I did in NYC.


It was with the gorgeous soprano, Zulimar Lopez-Hernandez. A native of Puerto Rico, Zuly possesses one of the most sparkling personalities I’ve ever met-she’s kind, funny, sweet…just lovely in every way…  And this girl can SING!  Check her out!  Incidentally, she also loves to bake.  She regaled us (makeup/hair genius, Alex Michaels, and me) with tales of how baking eases her stress…  Needless to say I left our shoot craving a red velvet cupcake…


Did I mention that she also looks like a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry?  Because she does:



She’s definitely channeling some J-Lo here:

Sorry boys, she’s taken 



I just love the sophistication and timelessness of these next few:



Yes, it was sunny.  Yes it was bright.  But Zuly’s smile more than made up for the harsh lighting:

Zuly, you are beautiful!

Seriously, internet, check her out if you can.  She is a phenomenally beautiful singer and actress.  She is going to go down as one of the “greats.”  And you heard it here first