I am so very pleased to share with you a special guest post from one of my favorite people in the world, makeup artist Extraordinaire, Alexandra Brock!


Ms. Brock is Texas-born & bred but currently makes her home in NYC (but will travel anywhere for work.)   Not only does she do stunning bridal makeup but Alexandra also works in all creative mediums- Film, TV, print, and fashion…  She is also one of loveliest, best-dressed and most stylish ladies I know and I am constantly begging her to take me shopping 


You may remember her FIRST guest post on wedding makeup



Here is the 2nd installment on wedding skincare:


Now that you have you amazing makeup and hair team assembled, there are a few things to know that will help you out in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding. There is only SO much you can do about the zit that randomly decides to rear it’s ugly head the day before your ceremony, BUT there are some steps you can take in advance to (at least) try to prevent that from happening!



First thing is first: are you happy with the way your skin looks? If acne, rosacea, wrinkles, sunspots, or anything else on your face or body are bothering you- go visit a dermatologist at LEAST 6 months before your big day to explore your options. It takes your skin several months to react to a new skincare routine in a proper way, so the sooner you can make the changes, the better. If you chose to have any treatments done, be sure to talk to the doctor about how long the recovery period will be for your skin to return to it’s “normal” state. Once you are two months away from the big day, it’s time to stop making changes to your routine so your skin will be in its most comfortable state. Should you chose to get a facial, give yourself at least a week before your events begin to recover from any extractions that were made. If you color your hair, make sure you also get this touched up about a week or two ahead of time so any changes can be made if needed. Also, fresh ends make any style look and hold better, so make sure you get a trim as well. In short, the weeks before your wedding are really not the time to experiment with any new “looks.” If you’ve been dying to become a redhead, but have yet to take the plunge, I recommend that you do so after you return from your honeymoon!


If you do any type of waxing, I also recommend that be taken care of a week or more in advance so swelling can properly reduce. Also, if you are someone who frequents the tanning beds, PLEASE make sure not to burn yourself before your big day! If anything, up the SPF just to be safe. There is nothing worse than peeling skin and there is only SO much that can be done to remedy it, so please keep that in mind. If you chose to do a spray tan (a MUCH better option in my opinion- for many reasons), or cover up any tattoos, discuss this with your makeup artist ahead of time. They might be able to do the spray tan for you or cover your tattoos before all of your events begin. Most importantly- your skin and body LOVE some H2O, so be sure you are drinking your 8 glasses a day in the weeks leading up to the wedding!

So, with that being said- pour yourself a glass of water and get to sipping!