Doug is one of my favorite people in the world, one of my dearest and oldest friends.  A multiple Jeff-award winning music director/conductor (Chicago’s most prestigious theatre award,) he and his longtime love, Rob (another favorite of mine and a Jeff-award winning Actor as well-can you believe the talent in this family!?) decided to make honest men out of each other and tie the knot in true Theatre-royalty fashion.  I can honestly tell you that this was probably the most star-studded wedding in Chicago history-but it was the genuine, palpable love the guests felt for this beautiful pair that made it a truly memorable and amazing wedding.


Here are a few of my favorites…ok…a lot of them.  This was so hard to narrow down-between the stunning details of the day, the gorgeous locale, the beautiful people, and all of the LOVE it was just impossible!


How much do we love the yellow and gray color scheme…

(speaking of, check out Groom, Rob’s and attendant, Sara’s podcasts How Much Do We Love which are some of the most positive, charming, stylish and educational around!)



This vintage-y cake topper was Rob’s DIY creation:  he made it using vintage cake toppers he collected.


The gorgeous (and scrumptious) cake was from Birgit at Café Selmarie



Doug and Rob collaborated in an award-winning production of CANDIDE this past year and had the brilliant idea to have all of the guests sing the final chorus at their ceremony.  If you haven’t heard “MAKE OUR GARDEN GROW” run to youtube.  It is so. beautiful.



Salvage One is just the coolest venue.  Check out their website.  I wanted to take home  just about everything I saw there!  Although I don’t think I’m quite cool enough to rock a bathtub fountain…



The wedding rings were from Tiffany & Co.



The guys had these made for them by Cuff-Daddy with the wedding emblem on them.  Brilliant!



I was so taken by the gorgeous floral details of the day created by Keith Eric Davis. He’s a real sweetie, too.



Doug and Rob both wore Tommy Hilfiger Tuxes with shirts by Hugo Boss and Thomas Pink.  And I of course must give a shout-out to their shoes-Calvin Klein (with yellow socks to tie in the color theme, naturally.)



The outdoor ceremony tied in traditions from both of their families-notice the beautiful chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) and glass breaking.



At the end of the ceremony several of Doug & Rob’s friends began singing MAKE OUR GARDEN GROW.  When the other guests joined in at the final chorus Doug conducted them for a perfect cutoff 



Spending the day with couples in love?  I have the world’s greatest job…



This is undoubtedly one of the chicest wedding parties of all time.  LOVE them all!



The reception featured a custom vodka-thyme-lemonade among other things.  And of course, a few gorgeous details to tie it all together…



Catering by the brilliant folk at Bespoke Cuisine. Can you say TRUFFLE MAC & CHEESE!!??!?



Now, usually at weddings people just eat during dinner.  Maybe there’s a bit of conversation, maybe a bit of background music…  Not here.  There was a full-on cabaret concert of some of Chicago’s greatest performers.  It was, in a word, AWESOME.  Especially because each of the performers were dear personal friends of the Grooms.



At one point, Doug’s parents joined in a chorus or two!



I have to thank my 2nd shooter for the evening, Brandon Dahlquist for this next one.  He captured such a beautiful, loving moment:



Dear Rob & Doug, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!  I am so honored to have been able to be a part of your beautiful day and am thrilled to call you both my friends xoxo.