She didn’t know a soul.  Laura had just entered her sophomore year as a transfer student at a new school (University of New Hampshire,) when she was invited to a party where she hoped to meet a few of the people she’d be sharing her college experience with.  Little did she know, she would meet the man with whom she’d share the rest of her life.


Fritz saw her smile across the room when she arrived at the party and immediately went over to introduce himself.  Her smile really is that gorgeous- it can pull a man through a crown of rowdy party goers with its warmth!  A few months later, on a snowy sledding date, they both realized they had found something special in the other.  Fast forward a few years.  Laura (an Event Planner,) and Fritz (a gym teacher in the NY schools,) are engaged, living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, planning their 2012 wedding.


One of their favorite activities for a lazy weekend afternoon is visiting one of the many famous Museums in their neighborhood.  With this in mind we began their engagement session on a rainy NY afternoon in the halls of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Egyptian wing.  It is a frequent haunt of Fritz and Laura’s and turned out to be a perfect setting for some great shots!



These two are SO.  GORGEOUS.



Fritz is the nicest, smiley-est guy.  I can totally see his elementary students adoring him!  Not to mention, he has those kind, warm brown eyes that just put you at ease the moment you meet him.



And here’s that smile I was talking about…  The one that pulls men across rooms.  Not to mention Laura’s eyes.  I think she is officially in the running for the most stunning azure-blue eyes of all time.



Ancient Eqyptian Pharoah headshot:



After the Museum closed, we ventured through Central Park to the Upper West Side.  The rain had let up so we stopped for a few shots in the gorgeous, overcast light.



We made our way to Pappardella Restaurant, where they are regulars, just before it began to pour once again!



And though the rain was intense we couldn’t resist a brief sojourn at the Levain Bakery-home to the world’s best chocolate chip cookies!



These two were such champs, eating cookies in the pouring rain!



Laura & Fritz, I am so excited to be the one to document your wedding next Summer!  I had such a blast during your e-shoot and I simply cannot wait for your big day!