It was literally 100 degrees.  On a Saturday in early September (on just about the most sweltering day imagineable for an outdoor wedding in Northeast Ohio,) Amanda and Troy tied the knot in one of the most gorgeous, detailed, elegant DIY weddings I’ve ever seen.  It was so beautiful that I found myself forgetting about the heat,  the humidity, and the beads of sweat on my forehead from carting around heavy camera equipment as I got lost in the details of Amanda & Troy’s stunning wedding.  And that is saying something 


Amanda and Troy (who you might remember from THIS stunning e-session,) thought of everything for their gorgeous DIY day.  From Amanda’s DIY invitations to her Mom’s growing of the flowers that made up the bouquets, boutonniers, and centerpieces (!!!) just about everywhere you could “do-it-yourself” they did.  And it was awesome.  And gorgeous.

I apologize for posting so many photos-I just couldn’t cut it down any further-too much DIY loveliness!


Let me say a special shout out to my fabulous 2nd shooter for the day, Margaret!  Thank you, lady!


I love that Amanda is a details girl!  This was the charming, hand-painted sign that helped the guests know where to turn off.  It can get kind of wind-y out there in farm country!

DIY paper details, centerpieces and décor?  Yes please.  Thankyouverymuch.



Prettiest DIY wildflower centerpiece awards go to:



It’s nice when the outdoor wedding venue has built-in details like charming pear trees bearing fruits and stone fountains…  Just sayin’…



Now for the getting ready shots…



Amanda’s stunning couture gown was designed by James Clifford. She actually has a sketch of it that he drew for her.  Pretty awesome.



This is seriously one of the most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE.  Amanda’s Mom (see the the lovely vision in green above with the bride,) grew most of the flowers but the arrangement credit goes to CR Blooms in Wooster.

Speaking of prettiest things I’ve ever seen in my life, I think Amanda is certainly in the running.  So gorgeous, so fun, so laid-back.  Love her.



Amanda & Troy’s dog, Bentley, decided his favorite place to sit was on HER TRAIN!  There were quite a few shots like this:



Amanda wrapped her grandmother’s locket around her bouquet.  Love that.



A little ceremony action:



I found Amanda’s Grandpa (who’s still working on his Farm next door!) to be so utterly charming and adorable.  I think Amanda agrees:



And now for the magic hour…  The light is so ethereal, Amanda & Troy are so in love, all of those magical qualities that one hopes for before a shoot came together to create this next series of shots.  Some of my favorites, like, ever.



I drank a lot of this lemonade.  Like, a lot.  It was around 100 degrees, if you recall…  I thought these silver-topped glass beverage dispensers were so beautiful-I love putting a bit of beauty in an unexpected place…  like the beverage table



I really wanted to do this a few times, but I think only the under-2 set can pull it off



Amanda, are you KIDDING ME?  You are so beautiful!



I think Troy agrees with me.  Swoon.



Did I mention that the farm is right across the street from a luscious apple orchard?  Because it is.  And I used this to our advantage



This gorgeous (and super delicious) cake was from Buehler’s.  I love the idea of saving a few bucks buying a grocery store bakery cake and decorating it with stunning, home-grown flowers.  They may not have raspberry-cognac-passionfruit ganache, but those grocery cakes are really simple,  moist and delicious (like this one!)

The flower girl’s were too cute awaiting the cutting of the cake!



Amanda & Troy I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to document your gorgeous day.  I had the most wonderful time and I am so grateful for all of the beauty my eyes took in that day.   xo