I get an especially warm and fuzzy feeling when an old friend contacts me about doing their wedding.  I then get even more excitement-butterflies when that old friend happens to be a photographer.  It’s such an honor!  This is the case with Rachel & Nick.


A Photographer and food writer (Nick) and an Opera Singer (Rachel…& Nick on occasion.)  Two things I have some familiarity with 


This is one of my favorite shoots of 2011.  I am so pleased to share with you a few favorites (from so many) of Rachel & Nick’s Ann Arbor Engagement Session!


As you can see the winter light blessed our session.  And not only that but Rachel & Nick are already two of the most photogenic people to ever grace my viewfinder.  I mean, seriously.  These were like the first two frames of the day!



I think the camera just KNOWS that they are completely wonderful and lovely in every way, inside and out…



Rachel, are you KIDDING ME with all of this gorgeousness???



Nick-didn’t you get the memo that photographers are supposed to be awkward on the other side of the camera?  What is all of the smoulder you’re giving me!?



This is the kind of joy that is completely and utterly infectious 



You two are STUNNING. Yum.



We then headed over to the Ann Arbor Art Museum.  Which was a really, really good idea.  Thanks, Rachel!  Can you scout all of my e-sessions?



This museum is so beautiful…  Just the perfect place for a gorgeous pair to sneak a few kisses…



After the art museum we made our way over to a beautiful brick archway…  You know how I love an archway!



Rachel & Nick, I am so honored to be the one to capture your wedding day on camera!  Now that you’ve BROUGHT IT for your e-session I cannot WAIT to get you in my lens again in May!  XOXO