As I was considering what to include in this post, my first of 2012, I realized that amongst the weddings, engagements, headshots, boudoir, family shots, etc., I haven’t shared a personal post in quite a long time.  I have so many exciting things to share with you, o internet, in the coming weeks, but in the meantime I wanted to put a little something personal on the blog.



What a beautiful year this has been.  I am so grateful to my clients for making this year a huge one of me professionally-thank you all!  We’ve had fun, haven’t we?

And personally it has been the best year yet in so many ways.  (One of which was that my professor husband, Yuri, had a course release this past semester which meant lots more hubs time.  This was awesome.)  Some beautiful new friendships  some treasured old ones strengthened…  And a lot of quiet moments in between.


It’s also the year that I discovered some of my new favorite cultural phenomena, like the tv show FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, THE HUNGER GAMES novels, the bbc cop show WALLANDER, and Twining’s Decaf Lady Grey tea.  (That tea is just gorgeous…)

2011, I thank you.


I’ve never been very good at New Years’ resolutions.   Most that I can remember came from high school and probably included some sort of physical improvement.  I confess a clear memory of vowing to do an ‘ab roller’ workout every day…  (What can I say?  They were big back then.  Incidentally, I think the ab roller resolution lasted about 9 days…)  I don’t think I’ve had any resolutions over the past few New Year’s celebrations…  But this year I want to commit to doing a few things differently.


I want to be better at work-life balance.  In my life this means turning off the computer/smartphone to work related media and correspondence at a certain time most days.  And consequently not obsessing over photography/business related stuff in non-work hours.  If anyone has any ideas of how to do this well please drop me a line 


I want to continue my photographic education.  I’m super excited about 2 upcoming workshops I’m doing with photography heroes of mine-one in NY and one in LA.  I cannot wait to have my mind blown by these artists!  I’m also reading a ton of books on the aspects of photography I’d like to delve into more deeply this year.  I love books.  You really can learn just about anything from them…


I want to shoot more film.


I want to find the perfect pair of wedding photography shoes.  And then buy 3 pairs of them 

I want to be better about blogging more personal stuff.


And because no post is complete without a photo, I share with you a film shot from my favorite place in the world, the Leelanau Peninsula of Northern Michigan



Shot with my Canon 1V, on Fuji 400h


I wish a wonderful 2012 to all of you, internet friends!  May it be the best year yet!