It was a balmy 16 degrees…Farenheit.

Yes, ladies and gentlement, it was the coldest January morning in NYC so far and while it was painful to breath, I wasn’t going to let a little frostbite keep me from attending Jessica Claire’s Shoot & Share.


One of my Resolutions for 2012 is to take part in awesome individualized education opportunities in order to help myself grow as an artist.  I have followed Jessica Claire’s blog for ages, I love her work.  I really admire her shooting style, the way she runs her business, and the fact the she gets that  a wedding is about each individual couple and what makes them special.

We started out in my stomping ground (the West Village,) at 9:30 am and shot a gorgeous couple for a few hours with Jessica Leading the shoot, describing how she works with her clients, directing them, styling them, etc.  I love that Jessica is involved in styling all of her engagement shoots-it really gives a cohesive and fabulous look to the shoot.  Our fearless, (freezing,) and fabulous models were real-life couple Lindsay & Amir (Lindsay is a photographer when she’s not being stunning on the other side of the lens…)


I had such a wonderful time freezing my a$$ off with this small group of photographers and our fearless leader (though it is sometimes difficult to get a clear shot through all of those 70-200’s…)  I made a few new friends, learned some great things and had an amazing latte around the corner (oh how I love a fleur de lis in my latte!)


After the shoot we each had a one-on-one meeting with Jessica to go over our portfolios, ask questions, chat about whatever.  She is the most lovely, helpful, and down-to-earth gal and I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to meet her, shoot with her, and chat!

Here are a few (way too many) favorites from a morning full of them:



Many of the spots we passed were familiar to me as it was in my neck of the woods, however it was very cool to see the environment through her eyes, in a completely different way…



All of Lindsay’s clothes were provided by Ruche while her hats/millinery pices are by Preston & Olivia.  I’m really coveting this green one.



Favorite of the day…