I met up with Carley, John, and their furbaby, Frannie, on one of the most beautiful evenings in recent memory-perfect peach and golden light passing through the trees…

It was the kind of early Autumn day where you don’t need a jacket and the hint of crispness in the air is almost more of a memory than an actual temperature.

They told me about how they got together.  A story of the timing being slightly wrong-and then very much right.

It’s all in the timing, isn’t it?

A few favorites from Carley & John’s engagement, on film:



Carley and John are so good to one another.  Kindness really is a rare thing in the world and when we see it it’s worth noting.



We may have found ourselves at the end of a vineyard-or perhaps it was just someone’s backyard where a few grapes had been planted?  In either case, it was the perfect backdrop for our scene:



Aren’t they GORGEOUS!?!?



Oh, that light!  I swoon…


Carley and John, I cannot wait for your big day this Spring!