I have a complete crush on these two.  It’s true.  Jennah and Adam are absolutely hilarious to be around, insanely talented, and yes, drop-dead gorgeous.  It’s ridiculous.  And their wedding reflected them perfectly.  It was personal, beautiful, so much fun, and utterly delicious (they are both foodies and Adam actually brewed and bottled beer for the wedding!)

I am so excited to share with you, oh internet, a few favorites from Jennah and Adam’s glorious Pacific Palisades wedding:


Why yes, that beer bottle DOES say ‘Hoppily Ever After…”



Jennah and Adam are quite possibly the most attractive people I have ever met in real life




Obsessed with this jeweled sash:



Their ceremony took place at the charming Buerge Chapel in the Palisades…



I think they are feeling good about their choice of mate:



A very special shout out to the amazing Élan Klein for second shooting with me and catching this AMAZING shot:



I completely ‘get’ why people live in California when I see views like this:



The reception took place at Adam’s Dad’s beautiful home…



Jennah & Adam, I wish you a marriage full of happiness, laughter, love, beauty and amazing homebrewed beer!



xoxo, Arielle