Carolyn and Alex are a very special pair whose wedding was on my calendar for almost two years before the big day arrived.  Over those many months I had the privilege of becoming their friend and becoming increasingly excited about their big day.  It’s a very rare gift to photograph a couple that has known each other most of their lives.  The shared history, the inclusiveness of the friendships, the inside jokes…  It’s the kind of familiarity and love that make for an even more emotionally rich wedding day.  Add to that Carolyn’s DIY spirit and fabulous pinterest boards (the type to make a wedding photographer swoon with inspiration) and I was certain everything about their celebration would be a revelation…

And it was.  A few favorites from their incredibly gorgeous day on film:












Caro and Alex, I adore you two and I am so honored that you invited me to photograph this wonderful chapter in the story of your lives…  I can’t wait to ‘read’ the rest – I’m hooked!





Shot on Fujifilm 400 and Kodak Portra 800 | DEV/SCAN by RPL