A Camp Romance for the ages…



Often when I’m at a wedding, some guest will ask me, “Are you a friend of the bride and groom?”  And while I was not officially a ‘friend’ when I arrived at their wedding by the time I left I felt certain that we were and will be.  That’s how warm and fun these two are.

Kennan and Keith’s celebration was filled with the kind of personal details that make me swoon – the overwhelmingly beautiful florals were done by one of Keith’s sisters, Kit.  Kennan and Keith (an incredibly talented pair of architects/designers) created all of the graphics on the centerpieces and a beautiful textile based on the map of Camp Kiwanee itself.  Not to mention the fact that the officiant (Keith’s stepmom,) is a SHAMAN!

This was my first Shaman-officiated wedding and it was amazing!!!














Kennan and Keith, I thank you again for the great privilege of photographing your wedding and wish you so much joy and happiness!


Shot on Kodak film
Dev/Scan by RPL