“The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.”

– Rumi



This is a post about a very special pair to whom I seem to be connected in a few very uncanny ways.  I first had the privilege to meet the lovely Julia during my opera days in California many years ago.  She is an absolutely gorgeous person in every way (not to mention her singing – which is about as gorgeous as it gets!) At the time she was about to embark upon a new life as a singer based in Germany.  Fast forward many years, a few major life events in my own story, and my husband and I find ourselves looking to buy a house in Boston when we casually walk into a realty office in Jamaica Plain.  The realtor we end up chatting with was great – he ends up helping us purchase our first home – and we also discover after a few days that he is Julia’s dad!  Small world indeed!  This connection gets Julia and I back in touch as her parents live around the corner from our new house in Boston.  In the course of our correspondence (and some facebook stalking) I learned that Julia had an adorable and charming boyfriend named Christoph.  When I finally got to meet him, he had become her fiancé.  I was struck by what a perfect match this warm, funny, and ready-for-anything man was for Julia – he’s also a very talented photographer in his own right.  Did I mention that Julia’s parents are the cultivators of an award winning garden (literally)?  It really is something – see for yourself below – as it offered to perfect locale for our shoot. It began to rain in the middle so we headed over to the Forest Hills MBTA station – not the most typical spot for an engagement shoot but the light was great and it offered us several opportunities to capture a few of Julia & Christoph’s favorite things – donuts, dancing, and a very impressive jump shot.