Let's talk about rain on your wedding day.  I know, it's every couple's nightmare - all of the planning for a gorgeous outdoor celebration will be for naught once the clouds open and a downpour ensues.  Here's the thing - it's rare for a wedding day to get completely rained out from morning to night.  But it has happened a handful of times over the last 10 seasons.  Here are my tips for making the most of it (plus a few gorgeous snaps from Charlotte & Matt's AMAZING rainy day wedding at the gorgeous Estate at Moraine Farm.  

First, have a location backup plan.  Any overhangs?  Gazebos?  Cool cafés with great windows?  A tent onsite?  All of these can make for fabulous photos.

Secondly, WHITE OR CLEAR GOLF UMBRELLAS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND.  Buy a bunch on amazon for your whole wedding party.  Usually the purchasing of them alone tells the powers that be that you are serious and somehow that prevents the rains.  But even if it doesn't, going out in the downpour (if you're adventurous) can lead to some of the most romantic shots - especially on film!  I LOVE those diagonal raindrops and that classic film grain!

Thirdly, try to stay in the moment and enjoy - it is all part of the day and will make for some great memories if you can stay intrepid :)  Some of the most gorgeous and memorable weddings I've ever shot were the ones that were technically 'rained out.' 

Exhibit A (b, c, and d... and every photo from Charlotte & Matt's glorious celebration, rain and all:)