Aleks & Stephan met while in grad school at Yale for music.  These two are among the most brilliant and well-respected musicians in their respective fields (Aleks is a phenomenal Mezzo-Soprano and Stephan is a trombonist) and yet they are both such whole, well-rounded people in every aspect of their lives.  They are thoughtful, generous, and have a profound kindness that comes through in everything they do.  They are also hilarious and threw an amazing party.  Their expertly planned wedding (coordinated by the phenomenal Josh Chalmers) at the gorgeous Branford House on the most perfect of early Fall days was the stuff of legends.  A few faves on film from their spectacularly gorgeous celebration:



Special thanks to my dear friend and collaborator Jean Spencer for being my 2nd photographer and to Danny and the team at Goodman Film Lab for the amazing care they always take with my film!