You may not know this about me, but my big hobby in life is learning languages.  I lived in France for several months in my early twenties and am still a dedicated student of the language. I work twice a week with a fabulous tutor via skype based in Lyon, France and further study by surrounding myself with Français - I listen to French podcasts, read novels in French, watch French movies without subtitles, and have collected several friends in France who humor my passion by corresponding with me in French and making time in their busy lives to hang out with me when I come to town.  I  made the trip to Paris over a long weekend in November and for this trip I (uncharacteristically,) decided NOT to bring a professional camera.  I wanted to feel light and free of the heavy cameras that I usually carry around and for this trip I just took my phone and for fun I brought along an old olympus point and shoot that belonged to my mom which hadn't been used since 1998 (as is further evidenced in the timestamp on these photos which were taking in 2018 and not 1998!)  Pretty cool to see what a 20 + year old camera, some cheap rolls of fuji superia, Goodman Film lab, and I can make happen together.  Here, a few snaps of the city of light from this past Autumn: