A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Ann & Neil’s stunning Cleveland, OH Indian wedding with the brilliant, hilarious, and wonderful Aaron Courter.


I had been wanting to photograph an Indian wedding for ages.


No, wanting isn’t strong enough of a word.  Desiring?  Too sexy…  Craving?  too weird…  YEARNING?  A bit dramatic…but somehow it feels right.


I had been yearning to photograph an Indian wedding for ages.  (It’ll have to do…)  I can’t remember how it started.  But I blame my dear friend Priti for the majority of it.  I had been drooling over her various family members’ wedding images from the first time I saw a shot of a groom showing up at the wedding ceremony on a white horse.  A WHITE HORSE!  This was drama, this was romance, this was OPULENCE (said in this guy’s accent…)   This was a traditional Gujarati ceremony and I loved every moment of it.


Ann & Neil’s beautiful wedding lived up to my expectations in every way-and then some.  These two are so lovely, so lov-ing, and their family and friends created a truly celebratory mood that went on into the wee hours…  I honestly didn’t want to leave-there was too much joy to photograph!  It is truly a testament to Ann & Neil’s awesomeness (is that a word?) that I arrived at their wedding day a stranger and left a friend.  I think they must make everyone feel that way


As you can see I have posted an un-precendented amount of images.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I literally had like 200 favorites and cut it down to this selection of moments to tell the story of Ann & Neil’s big day:



Neil & Ann, (and Aaron)  photographing your wedding was a dream come true for me-I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to participate in this unforgettable day.  Wishing you a lifetime of love and laughter!