It was kismet.  Bashert.  Meant to be.  And I’m not just talking about Bill & Maggie’s love for each other (which I will get into in a moment…)  I’m talking about my relationship with my couples.  You see, every wedding couple I have feels like we were a match made in heaven.  Truly.  It’s just that sometimes the “meet cute” is a little more memorable…  With Bill and Maggie it’s the stuff that comedies are made of.  So many crazy coincedences.  Like how they are both successful working NY performers (you may have seen them on Broadway or on TV, seriously,) and that my apt. in NY is literally steps from theirs.  Like how the play they  were doing when they met is constantly compared to Checkhov, whose work they love, and whose work was the subject of my husband’s dissertation.   And most importantely, just the comfort level and natural understanding we had between us from the first skype meeting to the last shot of the night.  I like to think it was a match made in heaven.


And now to put aside all of that wedding photographer stuff, for the real romance is so much more beautiful.  Maggie & Bill met while working on The Orphans’ Home Cycle by American playwright Horton Foote.  They portrayed husband and wife.  For months and months in previews and to rave reviews Off-Broadway in NY, day in and day out they told the story of a different love story.   And somehow through all of that acting a true romance was born, a true love story.  These two are romantic to their very cores.  Bill even proposed to Maggie after a performance of a play…in front of THE WHOLE AUDIENCE!


I am so honored to share with you, internet, some of my favorite images from their memorable, beautiful early Autumn wedding in Cleveland…



A family heirloom as a symbol of their love:



Maggie’s smile literally lights up the whole room.  And those dimples?  Gorgeous.



Bill has a moment with the gentlemen before entering the ceremony…



They decided to memorize their vows-but Bill flubbed a ‘line,’ so then Maggie, the consummate professional, flubbed the same line on purpose, and then everyone burst into laughter



It was such an emotionally exposed ceremony-The laughter so deep, the tears so sincere…


The families and friends of these two were so much fun to hang out with, err, photograph..  Everyone was a ham!



And now for the gorgeous:



My goodness, I love actors.  They are so direct-able





Perhaps my favorite shot of the night-I am obsessed with the easy way Bill’s hand is in his pocket while he grabs his bride…



Best.  Speeches.  Ever.



Incredible Music!



A few other Theatrical types were in the mix, as I’m sure you can tell…



And yes, I was seated next to one of my high school idols, Billy Porter.  And yes, I completely geeked out.  I’m still blushing.  Listen to this man sing, he is unbelievable!



Maggie & Bill, I am so grateful for the universe directing our paths together.  I wish you the deepest happiness in your married life and am so glad that I got to be the one to photograph your big day!