On this very auspicious (Veteran’s) day of 11/11/11, I’m so pleased to inaugurate my new website with a very special post.  But before I get into all of that I’d like to say a very special thank you to Jordan Eldredge, wordpress whisperer extraordinaire (and opera baritone,) who made my photoshop scribblings into a reality with this website.  Thank you a million times over, Jordan!


In the spirit of the new site showcasing the direction I want to take my business (Lovely & Simple were the words that kept coming to mind when drawing up the designs for the site…and romantic.  I can’t forget the Romance…) I want to share part of the direction I’d like to take my photography.  As those of you know who read my blog regularly, I love the look of film.  I’m hoping to shoot more film this year and to offer more film packages to my lovely clients as well (I’m even signed up to do a seriously schmancy film workshop in California this Spring!  I’m so excited!)


Boudoir lends itself so beautifully to film photography.  I love the delicate way it captures the highlights, smooths out the skintones, and lends such romance to the colors of an image.  Please note that these images are straight out of camera (except for the teensiest bit of portrait retouching…)  There is no processing done to these images (except for that done by the brilliant film development wizards at Richard Photo Lab in L.A.  I just love those guys!)


And with that I share with you this outdoor session done on the last of the warm days of a classic Midwest Indian Summer with the beautiful Mrs. B (who’s a brilliant photographer in her own right, hence the showcasing of her impressive vintage camera collection…)

And yes, her eyes are the color of Summer skies (that’s no photoshop enhancement) and her proportions really can rival any violin out of Stradivari’s workshop…


The following images were shot with a Canon 1V on Fuji pro 400h film.