He proposed in Mexico.  Rick and his co-workers took a trip down to Mexico and Jess was able to come along.  While all of the co-workers knew he had a diamond ring burning a hole in his pocket, Rick had to keep it together (and a secret,) until the right moment.  This was especially difficult when every other person he made eye contact with was winking and nodding, symbolizing their knowledge of the proposal to come.  Luckily, none of them spoiled the surprise so when Rick proposed on a perfect Mexican evening in front of all his co-workers Jess was genuinely flabbergasted.  There’s nothing more Romantic comedy to me than the thought of all those coworkers making ridiculous faces at Rick that Jess didn’t notice before he had the chance to pop the question.  And nothing more happy ending than the though of her accepting his proposal in front of a beautiful fountain in Mexico with an audience of his co-workers and other vacationers at the Villa. Love it.


I must seem like a broken record with all of this “I love my couples, blah blah, I’m so lucky we found each other, blah blah” that I spout constantly.  But seriously, Jess & Rick are one of those couples that I  thank my lucky stars found me.  I thank lucky stars and my friends over at Attention to Detail Wedding Films for sending them my way.  You can see how gorgeous they are in the photos,  but they are just as fun, hilarious, kind and generally awesome in person.  Which is a lot of awesome.  I am so excited to shoot their wedding.

We met up for the shoot at Rick’s place of work.  This is no ordinary cubicle…


Mapleside Farms is like a classy farm wonderland.  There are horses, ponds, barns, apple orchards…and a fabulous restaurant/bar that feels like it belongs in a city and not on a quiet farm.  Best of both worlds, I’m telling you!



I love how Rick is trying to keep it together here.  But can’t.



Jess’ eyes are disarmingly beautiful.  When I first met Jess & Rick the first thought in my head was, “Wow.  This girl has the greenest eyes I have ever seen.  They are like the crayola crayon color “Spring Green.”  Gorgeous.”



I think this sunset over the orchard may have been one of the prettiest I have ever seen in my life.  Just sublime.



Jess & Rick, I adore you two and had so much fun on our shoot!  I cannot wait to chase you around with my camera on your wedding day next Summer!