I’m so pleased to introduce my guest blogger for this post, makeup and hair artist (and dear friend,) Alexandra Brock.  Alexandra is NYC-based (but does travel,) and designed/applied the hair/makeup for the Downton Abbey Styled shoot last month.  Ever since I published last week’s first look from the shoot people have been going crazy for the beautiful bridal look she created.  It got me thinking about wedding day beauty- it can be so daunting to come up with the perfect Wedding day look and then to find the right artist to take those dreams/inspirations/pinned photos and make them into a look that is completely ‘you.’  Alexandra was kind enough to agree to doing a few guest posts on this subject for my little blog over the next few weeks.  And without further ‘ado, here is the first of them:



Of all the decisions a bride makes before her wedding day, planning a hairstyle and makeup design tends to be one of the most nerve-wracking tasks for many women. Hopefully, I will be able to calm your nerves about this a bit! I assure you that this can be an enjoyable, maybe even FUN process for all of you- even for those who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. It’s important to know that since SO many photos will be taken of you on your special day (and keep in mind these photos will be viewed by generations to come) makeup is an absolute MUST! Even if you swear to never wear it ever again, it’s the one time you really need to wear it. There are many ways to ensure you feel beautiful but still feel like yourself on your special day, and finding the right hair and makeup person (or team of persons) is the key to making that happen.



Makeup artists and hairstylists often find inspiration through photographs, so be sure to pull out some favorite hair and makeup looks when you are thumbing through those magazine for wedding dress and décor inspiration. We want to know what’s on your mind, and a visual reference will help us out! Everyone has a completely different interpretation of a “smoky eye,” so to me having a visual for this request is key. One woman’s Angelina Joile is another’s Christina Aguilera, so there is a lot of wiggle room in this genre- it helps to be as specific as possible with this. Also, please keep in mind that “classic” looks are classic for a reason- they withstand the test of time from era to era. If someone 30 years from now were to only look at your face in a photo from your wedding day, they shouldn’t necessarily be able to tell which decade you were married in. While I am all for trying current and trendy looks for fun, your wedding day is not the time to explore what you would look like with the latest wacky colored eye shadow or edgy hairdo. Stick to what works, but– also keep it true to you and your personality. Having a trial with a hair and makeup person (or several) will allow you to find the perfect fit for you and your needs. At the end of each session, make sure to have someone take a picture of you so you can get an idea of what you will look like on camera (but also keep in mind the photographers on your wedding day will have much better lighting and equipment the day of). Also, be sure to wear the makeup and hairstyle around for a full day and check yourself in good lighting again before washing your face at the end of the night. If something didn’t last well, make sure to tell your glam squad so they can figure out a better product to use for your skin or hair type. Above all- don’t forget to enjoy this experience during the entire process! It’s not everyday a girl gets to be fawned upon by a team of hair and makeup artists, so let your inner goddess relax and enjoy the beauty you will feel inside- and out!


Best wishes,

Alexandra Brock