Good Day, internet!  And what a glorious one it is-almost 80 degrees and sunny in Ohio in March!


I have some very exciting news to share about the Downton Abbey Shoot on Friday so be sure to check back!  A professional goal achieved, a dream come true!  So excited!

In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to share a recent Beloved Shoot I did for two of my favorite Texas to New York transplants, Jess & Matt…


Jess, a fabulous graphic designer (she did my logo, so she gets me…  I adore her!) and Matt, an Operatic Tenor (he’s AMAZING!) are two of the most loving, lovely, and lovable people I know.  I absolutely cherished the afternoon we spent together, chatting, joking, and shooting!

What is a Beloved Shoot, you may ask?  Excellent question!  A Beloved Shoot is like an Engagement Session but for married couples 

(Professor Hubs and I just did one ourselves last week and I’ll be sure to share a few favorites when the film comes back!)

A Beloved Shoot is a really fun way to commemorate the sweetness of being together, to ensure that your mantelpieces don’t become shrines to your wedding, and to fill in the blanks of your love’s timeline in photographs.  How many of us take the time to get photographed between the wedding bells and the baby bump?

I think a Beloved Shoot is a celebration of your lives in this moment.  And that is a very special thing indeed…


And without further ado, I give you Jess & Matt in Central Park:



Are you two kidding me with this photogenic gorgeousness???



 These two had each other-and me cracking up all afternoon!