This couple is going to inspire you true-love-seekers to get in shape.  Because guess where they met?  The gym.  I know what you’re thinking-“but I look so gross at the gym!  I’m wearing sweatpants and a torn ROXETTE t-shirt from 1991!”  Well, what can I tell you.  When love strikes it isn’t paying any attention to fashion…  or to music preferences from the early 90’s…


Kate & Dan had been discreetly eyeing each other for weeks when Dan finally broke the ice and asked her out.  Little did he know that the almond-eyed beauty on the treadmill was not only gorgeous, but also possessed the biggest heart, like, ever.  And beneath Dan’s sculpted pecs Kate found the kindest, most thoughtful and warm man she had ever met.  It was clear to each of them from those first few dates that they had found their soulmate in the other.    And that, ladies and gents is one of the myriad benefits of going to the gym 


Kate & Dan really are two of the most loving people I know-Kate is the type of girl who can make you feel comfortable enough to share your innermost secrets after only a few minutes of talking with her-she’s just that soulful and warm.  And Dan?  His warm smile and kind eyes put you at ease the moment you meet him.  And then when you see how this man looks at his bride-to-be you believe in love all over again.  It is the stuff that melts hearts.  I am so excited to shoot their wedding in a few short weeks, because if their love story and manner with one another is any indication of the kind of guests their family and friends will make I’m in for a real love fest!


We started their Engagement session at the beautiful Grand Central Terminal in NY.  They live in Harrison, NY which means a walk through Grand Central is a near daily occurence….



When I asked them what they usually did while waiting for the train, Kate told me “I write lists!” and Dan plays with his phone..  A girl who writes lists in her spare time?  This is a girl after my own heart!



Somehow we got lucky enough to grab a few shots in the hall without ANY other pedestrians ruining the shot!  This, to me, is a sign from the Universe that these two are meant to be-if you’ve ever been to Grand Central on a weekend you know how busy it usually is!



I just love the sun-drenched main hall of Grand Central!



We then made our way over to the Highline Park in Chelsea, one of their favorite walks.  It was an absolutely perfect day for shooting outside and the Highline is such an awesome backdrop!  Dan is giving me his “I am the luckiest man in the world” look!



This is what a happy bride-to-be looks like:



I am obsessed with Kate’s Art Deco engagement ring.  Dan, I commend you!



Kate, you are stunning!  (I think you look like J-Lo and she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD so work it!)  She is also an angel-she works as a speech pathologist for bilingual children…  They must LOVE her!



Dan, you are giving me some serious “blue steel” in the shot in the left…  And some honest to goodness “Thrilled groom-to-be” on the right!  I love it!



I love the views of 10th Ave from the Highline!



Our final stop that day was the iconic New York Public Library.  Kate & Dan are avid readers and Dan actually works in a Law Library.



If you’ve read my bio you know that I loooooove reading…  So a library shoot was an absolute thrill for me-and Kate and Dan were amazing-despite that fact that we had to be SILENT!



These last few are my favorite-something about that light and the marble surrounding them…  They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other at this point so I know I did a good job 



Kate & Dan, you two inspire me!  I left our session with such a full heart and I cannot WAIT to bask in the splendor of your love on your wedding day!!!!