I realize I haven’t shared an opera headshot session in ages.  Today I plan to remedy that.


This beautiful blonde bombshell is critically acclaimed international opera singer, Jennifer Holloway.   Ironically enough, this beauty finds herself portraying men in many an opera “pants role.”  She also had the audacity to tell me that she is extremely un-photogenic and uncomfortable in front of the camera…  I am happy to report that the following shots prove her horribly wrong…  Not only is she one of the most statuesque and stunning ladies I’ve had in front of my lens but she’s also one of the sweetest!  (Sorry ladies & gents, she’s taken!  And she’s mama to a very special little girl on top of it all!)  It’s hard to believe that she’s smart, gorgeous, kind, funny AND talented, I know…  But she is.  And extremely so.  If you find yourself in a city where Jenn is singing, RUN to hear her.  She’s astoundingly talented, truly.  I could listen to her all day (and have done so, thanks to Youtube clips!)


Hair & Makeup by Alex Michaels.