A few favorites from a favorite couple of mine: Laura & Fritz’s STUNNING wedding at The Garrison…



I don’t think a dress has ever looked better on a girl… Laura, you are stunning!



Laura’s bridesmaids were such a fun group of girls-I want to adopt them and make them my friends, too!



Laura and Fritz are awesome.  They are this photographer’s dream-up for anything, planning their day to have lots of time for beautiful portraits.  Part of this planning included having a first look which affords us much more time for portraits…  This is always a plus…  Especially in this case when we ended up getting rained out of outdoor shots following the ceremony…



These two are so playful and romantic with each other-combine that with the stunning surroundings at the Garrison and together we got some seriously gorgeous memories on film!



But don’t let the serious romance fool you-they are also completely and utterly a blast to be around!



What do you do when it rains on your wedding day?



Get married in a beautiful Sun Shower!



I’m dying over the purple sunset behind them…



Laura and Fritz, I am so honored to have had the privilege of telling your story!  I adore you two and cannot wait for our next trip to Levain Bakery in the rain.






Shot on Fuji Film, Dev/Scan RPL

Special thanks to Jennifer Sosa for being my incredibly talented partner in crime for the day…