Despite the fact that they are insanely good looking, Perrine & Aaron are the kind of couple that put you at ease with their energy and humor right away.  We had such a blast during their Columbus engagement session a few weeks ago!  I was cracking up from the first 2 minutes of our shoot until the last…



I just loooooove her Laboutins!



As an animal lover with no pets (currently) I love it when my couples bring their furbabies to the shoot!  I am absolutely obsessed with Shafer, Perrine & Aaron’s golden doodle!  He is a big mush ball of love!



I think I knew I had to shoot Perrine’s wedding when she wrote these words to me in describing Aaron:


“I describe Aaron as having an old soul. He’s maure beyond his years, and he loves all the simple things I grew up enjoying with my family: symphony, gardening, hats, antiques, cooking from scratch, fishing, hiking. I truly believe that my late father hand picked him for me.”



Perrine & Aaron, I cannot wait for your big day next Summer!  In the meantime, let’s find a time for some more bread pudding between now and then! xo


Shot on Fuji Film, RPL Dev/Scan