There are few things more lovely than an in-love couple on film.

When the bride is stunning redhead we really start getting into superlatives…



I knew from my first phone conversation with Kelly that I would love her.  She and Bill met while studying Javanese Gamelan,  over which I went completely bonkers as a former music major.  We had the most relaxed and lovely time at their Wintery engagement session and I could not wait to capture their love on film once more.  The pair of them are each the coolest combo of fun loving and tranquil – it’s no wonder they found each other.  And no surprise that their families, friends, and even their wedding itself reflected this juxtaposition.  The day simply flew by and when we left, my partner-in-crime, Gina and I were amazed at how much fun we had and how quickly the day had passed!











Kelly and Bill, I wish you a lifetime of that tranquil joy!



Shot on kodak films

Dev/Scanned by RPL