I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely and charming Alix Childs, proprietress of the inspiring Beacon Hill Bridal Boutique, Ceremony.   For weeks following our rendezvous, I found myself daydreaming about her absolutely stunning atelier and the pretties held within.  Rarely have I found myself so enthralled with a retail experience – ladies, make your appointment now.  Alix’s impeccable fashion savvy and her lovely demeanor make the Ceremony experience akin to wedding shopping with your best friend in Paris.  Her years doing branding and PR for J.Crew have definitely honed her vision.



Ceremony also features stunning stationery suites…



And the accessories…  prepare to swoon at her perfectly curated offerings…








During our chat, Alix and I realized we used to live on the same street in the West Village of Manhattan.  As she told me, opening Ceremony in Beacon Hill was like coming home to this Boston native.  After spending a morning with her in her beautiful space I must say I really love her definition of home.




In addition to bonding over our mutual love of Claire Pettibone, Delphine Manivet, and Elizabeth Fillmore, Alix and I are both wedding industry working moms.  Her adorable daughter is very lucky to have such a talented and inspiring Mama.

Someday hope my own studio could look half as gorgeous as Ceremony itself.  I would never cease to be inspired.

 Shot on Medium Format Film
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